The Introduction

Rumor has it that Seth Cohen gets all his ramps there. These kits have a much rougher finished look to them. The top ply is “smooth brown film faced water resistant surface” that they claim is “way better than masonite!” I don’t know what the mystery surface is, but the U-Build It ramp uses regular masonite. They will also try to sell you something called “Skate Paint” which is “specifically designed for wood skate products” but appears to be regular polyurethane.

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The web site for OC Ramps may be kind of corny looking, but they have the specs and materials of the ramps clearly labeled. There are kits for bigger sizes and even mini-pipes. For comparison’s sake, the smallest quarter pipe costs $499, shipping included. Your finished ramp may not look as nice as the U-Build It version, but it will definitely be taller. Will it be stronger? There’s no way to tell since the web site doesn’t have any pictures, schematics or video that show the structural elements, so it’s kind of a crap shoot. If you don’t want to They will even ship it assembled for an extra fee $250.

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